Sandalwood Hair Stick

Hand Carved Sandalwood Hair Stick

Allow 1-2 Weeks for Custom Creation 

Coastal Sandalwood (Santalum Ellipticum) is the rarest variety of Sandalwood.
These Sacred trees are almost extinct due to the Hawaiian Sandalwood trade.
The Sandalwood we carve with is gently collected from fallen trees.

We journey deep into the heart of Grandmother Kauai (13 miles from any road) to find these ancient beings.
We hold the vision of sharing this offering as a prayer, invoking our sacred connection with the spirits of the Earth.

The precious artifacts have been created from the alchemy of many elemental beings:

Earth ☉ Chosen Seed

Water ☉Life Bearer

Wind ☉ Consciousness

Fire ☉ Creation

Ether ☉ Dream into Being

Sandalwood emanates a sweet fragrance that brings you to the sacred temple within your heart.
It has been used for thousands of years as a sacrament for purification & cleansing.
It allows for states of deep relaxation, spiritual awareness & communion with the higher self.

Planet ☉ Moon

Element ☉ Water