DHA Water Extracted Algae Oil Organic Lemon

DHA Water Extracted Algae Oil Organic Lemon

Ingredients - Water Extracted DHA Infused with Organic Lemon Oil 

Ultimate Vegan Brainfood

The DHA that we use is sourced from Water Extracted Chromista Algae Oil 
It is a pure natural oil from a wild strain of Chromista Micro Algae produced by a fermentation method using a patent pending water extraction process for purification. 



25 - Servings Per 50ML Miron Glass Bottle @ 1000 MG Per Day 
25,000 MG DHA Per Bottle 
250 MG EPA Per Bottle 

Micro-Algae DHA is a long chain polyunsaturated Omega-3 fatty acid
Basic component of the liver, heart, brain and eyes 
Supports the health of the liver, heart, brain, eyes & cardiovascular system

The body does not have the ability to synthesize Essential Fatty Acids you have to get them from food or supplements, they are the preferred building blocks of the brain cell membranes & nerve cells. When DHA is not available your body will use whatever fats are available, but this leads to subopotimun brain cells. 

DHA makes up 97% of the Omega-3 fatty acids in the Brain 
It is a major structural component of the cerebral cortex the part of the brain responsible for memory, language, creativity, emotion & attention 

DHA also plays a role in brain cell communication 

It supports optimal levels of many important neurotransmitters including dopamine, serotonin, GABA and acetylcholine. 

DHA is a natural component of breast milk and is often added to baby formulas to complete its nutrient profile. 

The human brain naturally shrinks with age, DHA helps to preserve brain volume 

People low in DHA have smaller brains that age faster than those with normal levels 

You need to eat at least 2-3 serving of fatty fish (salmon) per week to meet your DHA needs 

One Bottle of our Vegan DHA Oil has the equivalent amount of DHA in 5lbs of Salmon 

There are only small amounts of omega-3s found in nuts, flax, seeds & sea vegetables and always in the form of ALA not DHA. The body can covert DHA into ALA but cannot convert ALA into DHA. 

Algae DHA supplements are the best option for people who don’t eat seafood, fish get there DHA from eating smaller fish which down the food chain get their DHA from algae. By getting your DHA from algae directly you are cutting out the fish and going directly to the source ALGAE. Our DHA contains no Mercury or other heavy metal contaminants.

Reduces Inflammation - DHA produces molecules known as “resolvins” which are named for there ability to resolve inflammation 

Improved Cognition, Memory Retention & Reaction time 

Decreased Heart Rate 

Anti Depressant 

DHA activates the Cannabinoid system which is one mechanism in which it improves mood 

Promotes weight loss : 
Activates receptor in body that increases metabolic rate 
Increased secretion of adiponectin which is responsible for breaking down fats 

Protects the skin 

Promotes thyroid health : 
Decreases blood lipids and cholesterol which benefit thyroid hormones. 

∞ Ethically sourced botanical medicine ∞

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