Illusions In The Sand

14x 18 inches
✨Channeled through my being to share with our collective✨ 

Titled “Illusions In The Sand” 

~Acrylic on Canvas Board~

This painting was started while sitting on the beach in Hanalei, HI. The sand drips from the beach into an hour glass. An expression of the illusion of time. A being sits in meditation at the top, grounding the root chakra into the Earth beach scene. Reminding us to ground before moving up the chakras. The rainbow activates and the light body is born.

✨We are all channels. Artwork and creativity flow at a higher frequency when we align with the higher self (through choosing love for ourselves with every thought and action.) Releasing ego and seeing when we surrender to the most high, we activate our full potential. Understanding that 3D reality (3rd density/3rd chakra: Solar Plexus) is source energy experiencing the illusion of separation. Seeing that there is no true separation, we then release ego (identity or personality) and shift up towards 4th density (4th chakra: The Heart) ~ the density of unconditional love. Sending love to all beings (as facets of the self) Re~Remembering the One that we all are that chose to split itself into every unique facet to experience itself. When we come back to this understanding and truth of love we begin to let go of belief systems ( or B.S.) that no longer serve us or this planet. As we ground the light of love into the Earth through our vessels (channels) from our connection to Source (love/light) we begin raising the vibration of this planet, creating the New Earth.
I love you all. Peace. Unity. Forgiveness and compassion for all ! 
Sat nam! Wahe Guru!! 
~Tori Bird Pope~