Ancient Ritual Copal Salve

Ancient Ritual is a divinatory, preventative & therapeutic salve.

Infused with rich Copal & sweet Rose petals.

Copal is an sacred resin used for sacred practices and ceremony. This medicine has been used to call upon the Spirit of all things, embodying the healer archetype of the Soul and its path towards wholeness. Use as an every day balm to soften skin or rub on sore bodies to soothe aches & pains. 

Ingredients - Jojoba oil, Coconut oil, Grapeseed oil, Copal resin, Rose petals, Rose Otto, Shea Butter, Kauai Beeswax, Vitamin E


Handcrafted with Love on Kauai ∞ Ethically Sourced Botanical Medicine

This balm is gentle enough for sensitive skin, but as with any product that's new to you, try a small patch test first to ensure its compatibility with your skin.