Dream State

 Dream drops help you dream. 

This bottle is filled with plant medicine that is designed to enhance your dream state when you go to bed at night. By taking this, you will sleep better, dream harder, and wake up remembering the dreams that were shown to you. Our bottles of dream state are made with Mugwort, Yarrow, Blue Lotus, Chamomile, Plant Salts, Grape Alcohol, Kangen Water

Mugwort is a plant that helps calm your mind, body, spirit. It eases restlessness, nervousness, and creates lucid awareness. The Mugwort & Yarrow we use in all of our dream state bottles are grown on our land in Kauai. We planted it, watered it, and cared for it with so much love. The intention during this process was to help wake people up from their sleeping state and tap into the invisible world of spirit.


Awaken a state of lucid awareness

In every moment we are dreaming, becoming aware that we are dreaming is the first step in creating the perfect life 

This blend is created with the purest ingredients, we grow & source as much as we can locally on Kauai

Take 2-10 Drops under tongue before bed 

Ingredients: Kauai Mugwort, Kauai Yarrow, Sri Lankan Blue Lotus, Chamomile, Plant Salts, Organic Grape Alcohol, Kangen Water 

*Not For Use During Pregnancy* 

Organic - Fair Trade - Wildcrafted on Kauai 

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