Goddess Of The Sacred Feminine

Original painting "Goddess of the Sacred Feminine" Acrylic on Canvas 1ft x 2ft

ORIGINAL painting: "Goddess of the Sacred Feminine"
Acrylic on Canvas
1ft x 2ft

This painting was channeled as a meditative guide for myself during labor. A reminder that when we turn within and focus on the breath we can ride any wave with grace. The grounding cord coming out from the root and sacral chakra of the goddess is the first visualization eye tend to use before entering the Higher chakras during my meditation practice. Creating a grounding cord to then enter the higher realms and be able to pull the light into the earth, raising the vibration of ourselves and the planet as One.

Get comfortable, relaxing into lotus pose to begin this meditation. Focusing on the breath. Inhaling 11 seconds, holding in the breath 11 seconds and exhaling 11 seconds, repeat throughout meditation.

From the root chakra (for men) and from the sacral chakra (for women) begin by first visualizing the chakras color (red for men & orange for women) as a spinning wheel inside your body. From the spinning wheel begin to visualize a cord (could be a hollow cord, could be a spinning cord, could be a braided cord, play around with different colors and textures) grounding into the core of Mother Earth.
Stating the affirmation “Eye Am Safe, Eye Am Protected” while visualizing the color red in the root chakra spinning a wheel of light in root energy center of the body.
Using the affirmation “Eye Am Emotionally balanced, Eye Am a creative being, Eye Am Safe to express my sexuality” while visualizing an orange wheel of light spinning in the sacral chakra energy center of the body.
Stating the affirmation “Eye Am confident in who Eye Am, Eye am confident in all that Eye do” while visualizing a yellow wheel of light spinning in the solar plexus chakra energy center of the body.
Stating the affirmation “Eye Am Love, Eye love unconditionally, love is who Eye Am” while visualizing a green and pink wheel of light spinning in the heart chakra energy center of the body.
Stating the affirmation “Eye am free to speak the truth of this Love that Eye am, that we are” while visualizing a blue wheel of light spinning in the throat chakra energy center of the body.
Stating the affirmation “Eye am One with all that is, Eye Am an infinite being of light” while visualizing an indigo wheel of light spinning in the third eye chakra energy center of the body.
Stating the affirmation “Eye release attachment, Eye am connected to my higher self, Eye let Go & let God” while visualizing a violet wheel of light spinning in the crown chakra energy center.

Feel your aura, start by checking the auras distance around your body. Alter your aura by bringing it two feet around your body. Is it way out in front of you body? Bring it in. Is it super tight & close to the back of your body? Bring it out. Feel it above, below and on all sides as well. Visualize it as an egg shape.

About 2 feet above your crown chakra begin to visualize your Soul Star Chakra as a golden light raining down golden raindrops onto your egg shaped aura and body. This golden rain is purifying and cleansing your body and aura. State the affirmation “Eye Am Spirit, Pure & Innocent, All is forgiven and released.”

Call upon the violet flame, igniting violet fire around your golden aura. This violet flame is now transmuting any and all fear into Love.

Stay in this space for as long as you need. When you are ready, bring your prayer hands to heart center. Giving thanks for this deeper connection now established within.

Mahalo. ~Meditation written by the Artist: Tori Bird HeArt

Poetry by the Artist written for this unique piece:
***Goddess of the Sacred Feminine embodied in your vessel of light. Let us honor your infinite intelligence, that shines bright though all of the night. As a symbol of forgiveness, of empowerment and strength. An eternal flame of wisdom, carried with every breath that you take***

**As the caterpillar enters the cocoon. A new life enters the womb. Pure soul awaiting to be reborn. Merging into physical form. A butterfly emerges in the heart of the mother. Transformation into unconditional love like no other. Inhale. Exhale. Repeat. Opening and releasing. Rainbows crystallize by her feet. In her aura these colors meet. Visualize. Connecting to the soul star above. Raining down golden Christ light and love. Purifying. Cleansing. Healing within. “I call upon the violet flame.” The violet flame begins to burn. Transmuting any and all illusion into love. Surrounding the goddess. Grounding the light & love from above. Through the sacral and the root. Creating a grounding cord. Penetrating Mother Earth towards her core. Raising the vibration of our planet through this practice. Breathing. In and out. Focus. Feel the love of the light fill your closed eyes. The creator within us all. The throat opens. Truth of Gods love begins to sing out in hues of blues. “WE ARE ONE!” She sings. Indigo light in her third eye rings. The truth of this creation. One being reflected into all forms of manifestation. “A baby, another me, another we.” Feeling the body lighten. How to let it all go and not be frightened? To know there is no end. Never fear. Just the beginning of a new life. Rebirthing into a higher light. Surrender. Giving love with every breath. Release the grip of fear and begin to fly. An owl in the starry night sky. Looking down at your creation. What a pleasure it is to come to this realization. One with it all. I open my eyes. To a visionary painting, created to see through all the lies.**