Magi Moon Salve

Magi Moon is a Mystic Salve 

A sacred scent that brings you on a journey into your ancient roots. Stirring up memories once forgotten, sailing through the ethers of time

Used for setting Sacred Intention In Resonance with Lunar Cycles

Healing Womb Space, Soft Intuitive Water Energy 

Alchemized With the Energy Of the New Moon 

Inner Truth - Balance - Guidance 

Calming - Intuitive - Expansive 

Element - Water - Ether  

This creation was brought through from the Ethers a vision formed within my being a call to our ancient roots, a message from our ancestors, guidance from the many lifetimes we are walking within this moment.. 

A Sacred Alchemy :

Frankincense - Essence of the Sun, Holy tree of the awakened one 

Myrrh - Essence of the Moon, Collected gently by the divine feminine 

Oil of Spikenard - Aromatic Amber, Anointing Oil 

Ingredients - Absolute of : Suhull Myrrh, Somalia - Boswellia Carterii Frankincense, Somalia - Oil Of Spikenard - Rose Petals - Kauai Beeswax - Kauai Propolis - Shea Butter - Sweet Almond Oil - MCT Oil - 

Organic - Wildcrafted - Fair Trade 

Ethically Sourced Botanical Medicine

Handcrafted With Love on Kauai 

30 ML Miron Glass Jar