Pleiadian Light Healer Original Painting

~Acrylic on canvas~
18x24 inches

*Channeled through the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light*
Dear Family of Light, I received profound deep healing from the Pleiadians right after the conception of our star child, Pueo Ra. They preformed what I afterwards described as a “laser light beam surgery” on me. A week or so after the healing, I was guided into a metaphysical store here on the island of Kaua'i with my beloved Wolfgang. He walked into the store in front of me and immediately grabs a book off of the book shelf. As soon as I see the book cover I declared “those are the beings who did the laser light beam surgery on me!” We bought the book titled “The Pleiadian Workbook” and immediately upon reading it I began experiencing so many synchronicities between the authors journey and my own. Then right in the first chapter, they speak about how the Pleiadians will perform a laser light surgery on those who are about to conceive their first child. To activate the Ka channel for the being coming through. I started practicing the guided meditations from the workbook daily. Incorporating them into my own meditation practice. Soon after beginning the meditations in the workbook, using visualization, feeling and intention to create grounding cords into the Earth, to connect to the soul star chakra, to blowing roses, cleanse and purify the aura, connecting with my higher self (and so much more) this painting began to come through me. I painted the canvas black and after a mediation I found myself dipping my paintbrush into white paint and the outline of this light being appeared. I feel this being, these beings, are here to assist in the ascension and healing of Mother Earth and her children. They also speak of "Dolphin Brain Repatterining" and while reading the book, one night after a shamanic didgeridoo healing journey we caught a ride home with a woman who had crystal dolphins hanging from her rear view mirror. We asked her if she had ever heard of Dolphin Brain Repatterining and she said she actually owned a healing center on island called Dolphin Touch. We told her about the Pleiadian books and later received our reiki level 1&2 attunements from her, which I've continuouly charged this painting with.